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The Balcony Radio Show ...

It's a great show.

We had a blast doing the interview!

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We knew we had something special with Jesters of Xmas Town's initial release.

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Klef Note's review



Big Bus Dream's Smoking Guns and Jesus is included in WFAE's new Amplifier podcast/playlist. We are honored to be included in this new music podcast celebrating Charlotte artists.

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WFAE podcast Amplifier

Mike Shannon and Big Bus Dream's Another Me, Top 10 @108 Canada

Big Bus Dream's Another Me is in the Top 21 on Indie Star Radio

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The whole Album: 'The Jesters of Xmas Town'

by Mike Shannon & Big Bus Dream

at 9:00 PM (PT) Jul 19 In #FullAlbumShow


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Another Me Link

Link to Big Bus Dream: June Featured Artist

This review by Denise Lawence from International Media

also includes audio clips

Click this link for review of My Dream My Fantasy

Big Bus Dream is the featured artist on the New Music Show on the Lonely Oak Radio website.

And this great station will be playing "The Jesters Of Xmas Town" album in it's entirety beginning toniht 3-26 at 9 PM PST

No Valentine

featured in Shari Berman's film

"My Life As Abraham Lincoln"

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Mike Shannon & Big Bus Dream on air:


produced for KWTF Radio -

on air and online Friday 12-1 at 6 PM

Big Bus Dream's "Jones is in the house" getting air play & archived on-line for you to enjoy. It's worth a moment of your time...


Lord Litter's Magic Music Box International playing Mike Shannon & Big Bus Dream music

on air Friday, 11/24 at 6PM EST on air and on line

"One of my top 3 albums of 2017", Russell Trunk, Exclusive Magazine

Review of My Dream My Fantasy



Inside an individual's struggle with drug addiction.

The current opioid epidemic has become one of the worst drug crises in American history: More than 33,000 people died from overdosing in 2015. Entire towns are being decimated.

From the upcoming October 2017 release: MY Dream My Fantasy

This tune "Already Gone" is that long journey into night of Alzheimer's Disease.

Already Gone is one of 14 selected tunes: new tunes, re-worked, re-tracked and re-mastered for release this summer.

The release "My Dream-My Fantasy" by mike shannon & Big Bus Dream, along with 4th Ward is a multi year passion project.

Check out the video below...

After numerous bumps in the road, Big Bus Dream will issue it's final release, Exit Stage Left, early 2017. The recordings will additionally include pre-BBD, 4th Ward, as well as several of our favorite producers. The release will include new tunes,     re-recordings of select favorite tunes and several tracks never released. Some new music to be posted shortly.

Big Bus Dream's final release, Exit Stage Left, is wrapping up. It's an assortment of music, including tracks with members of my earlier band, 4th Ward, as well as guest musicians. It's never been about the money...only the journey. It's been a good ride. Below is a sample of the upcoming release:

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