Check it out. Big Bus Dream is the Featured News today on Mi2N:

Shooting for C'mon & Run is complete. We are now waiting on the rough cut...and looking forward to putting the final  up on the site for you. Until then, a few lyrics from C'mon & Run...

"You better have a thick coat baby, so when they stick you it doesn't hurt. You better have some quick moves darlin', know when to hit the dirt. You better have some big dreams baby, cause dreamers built this place. Never think your it and others are not...hatred has an ugly face"

We'd love for you to check out our tunes on the listen/buy page. we hope you climb onboard our bus. Thanks to Mark Doyon at Wampus Multimedia - - for keeping our dream alive... "gotta have a big dream baby!"

Great shoot Sunday. We did interiors at an abandoned textile mill. DJ Rankin, Deegco, did a terrific job behind the camera, as well as bringing in a fun group of actors to work alongside me and Chick. The remaining shoot is this coming week. The video should be completed by the end of the month. It should be interesting...not your usual fare.

Big Dream Baby is out tomorrow! We'd love to have you onboard for the ride!!

We begin shooting our video for the new tune C'mon & Run on Sunday 3-25. D J Rankin is doing the shoot. We'll be shooting up in the NoDa area.

Our new release, Big Dream Baby, hits the streets March 27, 2012. It's being released on Wampus Multimedia.

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