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Some new music is coming up. I know, wow, right? We're looking at late 2023. 



I've been busy: By the end of Spring, I'll have 20 tunes to choose from. This work has been done along with Max Kerner, who's studio is in Ukraine. He is Co-Producing this with me and has been musically invaluable.



Some very creative tracks have been flying between the US and Ukraine. The new release probably will be 14 or 15 tunes called Crisis of the Mind. This is a thematic and an alt indie style work about mental health. These are topics that affect most of us - and not just in the US. It’s sort of amusing to see that many people now want to refer to this topic – not with any real fixes or budget. Most songwriters know that mental health drives much of their writing/composing. Well, here’s mine.



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